Josh’s Frogs PAC-MAN BioBedding Bioactive Substrate (4 quarts)


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Josh’s Frogs Pac-Man BioBedding Bioactive Substrate is the perfect substrate for your bioactive Pac-Man frog enclosure. Pac-Man BioBedding is a unique blend of organic and inorganic ingredients, trace elements, and beneficial fungi that serves to jump start the bioactive environment. Pac-Man BioBedding helps maintain humidity while providing a substrate your pets can dig and lay eggs in, all while helping to maintain healthy populations of microfauna.

  1. Tank stays cleaner due to bioactive cycle
  2. Less substrate changes, which is less stressful on your pet
  3. Closer to replicating your pet’s natural habitat
  4. More attractive than traditional substrates

How to Prep: Place a 2.5 – 3 inch layer of Pac-Man BioBedding in your enclosure. Add dechlorinated or R/O water until BioBedding sticks together when squeezed, but no water runs out.

Recommended Animals: Pac-Man BioBedding is specifically designed with Pac-Man frogs in mind. It can also be used with tomato frogs and pixie frogs.

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