Josh’s Frogs TROPICAL BioBedding Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts)


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Josh’s Frogs Tropical BioBedding Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts) is the perfect substrate for your tropical bioactive enclosure. Tropical Biobedding is a unique blend of organic and inorganic ingredients, trace elements, and beneficial fungi that serves to jump start the bioactive environment. Tropical Biobedding helps maintain humidity while providing a substrate your pets can dig and lay eggs in, all while helping to maintain healthy populations of microfauna.

  • Tank stays cleaner due to bioactive cycle
  • Less substrate changes, which is less stressful on your pet
  • Closer to replicating your pet’s natural habitat
  • More attractive than traditional substrates

How to Prep: Mix contents of bag thoroughly. Place a 2.5-3 inch layer of Tropical BioBedding in your enclosure. Add dechlorinated or R/O water until BioBedding sticks together when squeezed, but no water runs out.

Recommended Animals: We do not recommend using BioBedding with Dart Frogs or anything that requires high humidity and low ventilation.

  • Crested Geckos
  • Mourning Geckos
  • Indopacific Tree Geckos
  • Bauer’s Chameleon Geckos
  • Day Geckos
  • Gargoyle Geckos
  • Leachie Geckos
  • Tree Frogs
  • Bumblebee Toads
  • Yellow Spotted Climbing Toads
  • Mantellas
  • Malaysian Horned Frogs
  • Water Dragons
  • Anoles and other tropical lizards
  • Tegus
  • Tropical snakes
  • Plus many other reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates
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