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Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Port Credit Pets has Canada’s largest selection of Reptiles & Amphibians and has been serving the hobby for over 50 years!

With countless combined years of experience, the staff of Port Credit Pets is here for you, wether it’s a simple husbandry question, or a more involved breeding scenario. Contact us for expert advice!

Why shop at Port Credit Pets?

[sober_icon_box icon_type=”image” title=”Live Inventory”]Canada’s largest online animal inventory is kept live and up to date daily.[/sober_icon_box]
[sober_icon_box icon_type=”image” title=”Diverse Feeder Selection”]Whatever reptiles and amphibians you keep, we have feeders for you![/sober_icon_box]
[sober_icon_box icon_type=”image” title=”Authorized Live Shipper”]We are experts at shipping precious live cargo across the country![/sober_icon_box]


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