Frequently Asked Questions

Are the photos of the animals for sale the exact animal I will get?

At the bottom of the photo on the animal’s page, there will be an indication if this is the case or not.

How will shipping be calculated?

Each item takes up a specific area in one of our shipping boxes. After the system calculates the space needed, it assigns a box, and then gets a live quote from Fedex or Canada Post. Animals, Feeders and Supplies all need separate boxes, and you may be better off to order dry goods separate from feeders/animals and choose the most economical methods.

When do you ship?

We ship via Fedex Priority overnight on Wednesdays. Canada Post, and Local Delivery are on an as-needed basis, and per our regular routes. Should you require other arrangements, please make note in your checkout notes section. We will do our best to accommodate.

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