Terms & Conditions


You must specify the correct shipping address IN YOUR ORDER.  We are not responsible for orders shipped to the wrong address if that is the address you specified in your order.

We can only ship to a Canadian Address.

Live animals can ONLY be shipped either FEDEX Priority Overnight, Local Delivery by our trucks.

Orders containing ONLY feeders and dry goods, can additionally be shipped via Canada Post.



Live Arrival Guarantee between 0° C and 32° C
Our live arrival  guarantees is ONLY valid if your order is shipped when temperatures on both ends have a forecasted overnight low above 0° C and a forecasted daytime high below 32° C.

Crested geckos are heat sensitive, especially when they’re younger, so the maximum daytime high for crested geckos under 15 grams in weight is 30° C.

There is a 5 day guarantee on shipped animals providing package is opened, and you e-mail confirmation that the animal appears in good health within 2 hours of delivery and also provided the animal in question has been maintained in an acceptable manner.

The maximum forecasted daytime high means exactly that.  This is NOT the temperature you think it will probably be around noon when packages are usually delivered. Please do not ask us to ship if your forecasted daytime high exceeds the above listed temperatures.

We will try to remind customers when they ask us to ship in unsafe weather, but it happens so often that sometimes we don’t catch it.  If you ask me to ship on a day when the weather is outside of the range listed here, you are waiving all health and live arrival guarantees.

Notwithstanding the above….

Live arrival on FEEDERS and ANIMALS is guaranteed if you select Fedex Priority Overnight as the shipping method.

“Priority Overnight” is a service name, and may constitute 2 day shipping in some regions.

Canada Post Expedited service is only guaranteed for FEEDERS within Ontario and Quebec.

Canada Post Express Post service is guaranteed nationwide for feeders.

You must notify Port Credit Pets within 4 hours of package delivery of any losses. This can be either by phone, e-mail, or contact on the website. Failure to do so, voids this guarantee.


By purchasing any item, animal or feeder from Port Credit Pets, you are certifying that you know your local laws with respect to these items, and you guarantee to hold Port Credit Pets and it’s agents harmless from any costs, exposure, law suits or the like as they pertain to the transaction you finalize with us.


As all animals are different, and have different personalities, we cannot guarantee it’s disposition in any way. An animal under our conditions may act differently under yours.

Sex is never guaranteed. We will do our best to sex the animal(s) for you.

Sizes are approximate.

For animals that are listed with a generic picture, you will be sent an animal that is representative of the ones in the photo.

Animals will not leave our store unless they are completely healthy, and we are confident that their well being is primary going forward.


We accept VISA, Mastercard, PayPal and EMT.

Payment must be made on checkout for all orders purchased through the website.

EMT instructions are provided after checkout. Failure to send the EMT within 3 hours will result in order cancellation.


In the event that you make and pay for an order, and then at a later date before shipping request a refund, the order will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. This fee is in place because PCPC has lost the opportunity for that time to sell the item, the staff has taken time to book shipments, arrange for the animal to be delisted, and taken the items out of store inventory for you.


All in store animal sales are sold with a 5-day live guarantee provided the animal in question has been maintained in an acceptable manner and accompanied by the original cash register receipt.
All expo sales, arachnids, invertebrates and amphibians are final.
All Deposits are non-refundable.


As leaders in the industry in Canada, we promise to provide service to you with integrity, honesty, and to the best of our abilities. Should you have any issues with any of the service we provide, please feel free to contact us to discuss.


Port Credit Pets’ primary focus is exotic live animals, their foods, and the items for their care. By purchasing from us, you are promising that you have the knowledge AND resources to care for the animals that you keep. You’ve done your homework, you’ve prepared the habitat, you’ve researched and arranged for the animal’s long term care.

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